The One Month Boyfriend - Roxie Noir

The One Month Boyfriend

By Roxie Noir

  • Release Date: 2022-05-24
  • Genre: Romantic Comedies
Score: 4
From 939 Ratings


Fake dating my sworn enemy to make my ex so jealous he can't see straight? Worth it. Silas and I agree on one thing, and one thing only: my ruthless, heartless, narcissistic jerk of an ex-fiancé needs to be taken down a notch. So we do what anyone would do: we pretend to be a couple. Even though Silas and I are polar opposites. Silas is a loud, cheerful, over the top showboat. He’s his hometown’s golden boy, the Marine who came back to rescue kittens from trees and walk old ladies across the street. And me? I'm the awkward new girl who freezes up around strangers and can’t make small talk to save my life. It shouldn’t work. We can barely have a conversation without arguing. There's no way we should be friends, let alone dating, except... Everyone believes it. Especially my ex. Now I'm having way too many real fantasies about the man who gets on my last nerve. My fake boyfriend is starting to feel a whole lot like a real one. The kisses feel real. The way he protects me feels real. The night we spend together in a hotel bed feels very real. This was supposed to be fake, but I think I might have fooled myself most of all. The One Month Boyfriend is the first book in the Wildwood Society series, and can be read as a total standalone. It's for fans of high heat enemies-to-lovers romantic comedies, and features two enemies who fake date for revenge, a quirky, charming small town, a former military cinnamon roll hero, a grumpy heroine who's charmed despite herself, anxiety and PTSD representation, and plenty of steamy scene. Of course, there's an HEA. This series is for fans of Kathyrn Nolan, Elizabeth O'Roark, Kate Canterbary, and Melanie Harlow.


  • Heartwarming

    By PricillaPrincess
    For a slightly smut book, the romance was so heartwarming and genuine and cute and I just loved it all!! Some typos or grammar mistakes (it’s the writer in me), but I loved the way each chapter was the opposite lover’s view.
  • I Really Enjoyed It

    By Popeyesmonster
    What more do you need than a enemies to lovers and fake dating trope? I love how they both dealt with each other’s anxieties and trauma without that whole “fix it” mentality. It’s refreshing and I love this author for that. It has some spicy moments—loved it.
  • One Month Boyfriend

    By ThiaMar2
    I enjoy reading the story of Silas and Kat.
  • One Month

    By AngellaLynnette
    What an excellent story. Thank you, Roxie!
  • surprisingly enjoyed this

    By jxdenchilders
    i went into this not sure if i'd be able to get through it, since i've never been a huge fan of the romance genre. however, i just could NOT stop reading. i am a huge lover of enemies to lovers, and fake dating is a guilty pleasure of mine. i really enjoyed kat, and the banter between her and silas was so fun to read. it was super funny and romantic, and i'm shocked in the best way that i loved it as much as i did. finished it in 2 days!! i can definitely see myself re-reading this & also reading other books by roxie in the very near future!! easiest 5 star review ever!!

    By Jar headed
    Downloaded this book because it was #1 in the free books section. be warned, it is not free and costs 10 bucks. I am forced to read this now since I spent money on it and will update my rating higher if I actually ended up enjoying it. but pretty shady that it was in the free section. I know that’s not the authors fault (I think) but I feel people should be made aware.
  • Great book

    By Ya Ta Ha
    Beautiful book and well written. Interesting insight to trauma and anxiety.
  • Poorly written and not believe able

    By blackdragonashes
    The story has huge plot holes and not even close to good, DELETE!
  • A gem, among the best I’ve ever read

    By sptower
    If I could give this book six stars I would. The characterization is fantastic, the dialogue is as crisp as a Granny Smith apple, and the plot is as natural as any romcom I’ve ever read. I loved the Loveless Brothers books, but this is better. Every bit as good as the best of Christina Lauren, Kate Clayborn, or Emily Henry. Just a gem of a book.
  • Silas and Kat

    By love2read1126
    I have been waiting a long time for Silas to get his story and I am so so glad Roxie did. She did not disappoint. Silas and Kat get along as well as cats and dogs, which goes to say not very well. Silas always seems like the golden boy to Kat. He can do no wrong with the people in Sprucevale. He just turns on that smile and gets away with anything. However, not is all as it seems. There are demons that haunt Silas. Roxie did a great job showing what Silas went through and how it has affected him. Kat is a very big introvert and has anxiety attacks and is socially awkward. Kat has held a grudge against Silas for ten years, that stems from when they were in college. This is truly an enemies to lovers and that is one of my favorite sub genres. Every time they see each other they butt heads, but when they each need help, they end up helping each other. It’ll be a win-win for both when they pretend to be together. There are some funny parts and there are some emotional heart pulling parts. They seem like they would not be good together, but the more time they spend together, the more you can see they do belong together. They are total opposites, but in some ways they are the same. This was such a good read and I so enjoyed it.