The Three Night Stand - Roxie Noir

The Three Night Stand

By Roxie Noir

  • Release Date: 2024-08-24
  • Genre: Romantic Comedies


She's the one night stand I never forgot. And now her dad is about to marry my mom. It has to be some kind of cosmic joke, right? For once, I feel like I’ve got my life together—good job, great friends, a fresh start in a new place. I’ve been on my best behavior for ages. At last, everything’s coming up Javier. Until the moment I walk into my stepdad’s house and meet his daughter. I should say: I meet her again. Madeline and I have already met. It was one night, two years ago. A quick, casual hookup that had no right to be as mind-blowing as it was. I haven’t stopped thinking about it–or her–ever since.  But our parents are getting married, so under no circumstances should we sleep together again. Or… again. Or one more time after that, just to get it out of our systems. Madeline’s funny, fiery, and so gorgeous with her pink hair and nerdy tattoos that I can barely look at her without breaking into a sweat. But she has too much going on to be interested in commitment, and God knows I’m a bad boyfriend candidate. Once the wedding’s over, we’ll be normal stepsiblings who don’t have sex with each other, and Thanksgiving won’t be awkward at all. Right?