Fundamental Of Indian Astrology - Shambhu Sharan Shrivastava

Fundamental Of Indian Astrology

By Shambhu Sharan Shrivastava

  • Release Date: 2014-11-07
  • Genre: Astronomy


With the growth of civilization, our ancient saga and thinkers have symbolized India’s culture and spiritual essence in the light of different Vedic literatures, different philosophies and religions. All these are our ancestral documents of their divine wisdom and in continuation the science of Indian Astrology developed by them is the most precious gift given to mankind. 
 Although a number of ancient Sanskrit classics and other useful books of recent period are available in the field of Astrology, my profound interest and long association with this subject inspired me to write such a book which may introduce the lovers of astrology to most of the essentials of Indian system of Predictive astrology.
Astrology is an extremely complex science. So far as its predictive aspect is concerned, to judge the indications of planets and then to predict is a very difficult task. All attempts have been made in this book to simplify the complexities of the predictive astrology and to develop one’s self-perfecting qualities that may facilitate correct prediction.   
As we know, both Astrology and Astronomy are interrelated subjects and so whatever and wherever needed a brief description of related astronomical terms have been included and this is certainly the special feature of this book.