Not My Romeo - Kylie Gilmore

Not My Romeo

By Kylie Gilmore

  • Release Date: 2015-06-24
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 96 Ratings


Escape into this hilarious feel-good romance with family rivalries, scorching chemistry, and a very happy ending! USA Today bestselling series.

Confirmed bachelor Vince Marino wants nothing more than to win the Clover Park Library project and earn partner in his father’s construction company. But a last-minute bid by Sophia Capello, the jaw-dropping daughter of his father’s lifelong rival, throws Vince out of the running.

Sophia has to get Capello Construction back on track after her father left them near bankruptcy. Except she’s way out of her league in the construction world, which is why she takes a big risk and proposes a partnership with the hotheaded and handsome Vince. After she wins the project.

Vince’s cockiness combined with Sophia’s determination forges an alliance filled with explosive and tempting tension. But what will happen when Vince, who doesn’t believe in mixing business with pleasure, discovers Sophia has never truly experienced passion? Will he stick to his rule and protect everything he’s worked so hard for? Or will he find the temptation of showing Sophia what she’s been missing too much?

This feel-good romance stands alone with a swoonworthy happy-ever-after! No cliffhangers.

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  • Vince can be my Romeo!

    By Lnn20122
    I love reading Kylie's books. Her stories are always light-hearted and peppered with laugh-out-loud humor. They leave you feeling good after the final page turn. “Not My Romeo” is the sixth book in her Clover Park series but can be read as a stand-alone. This is a sweet love story about Vince Marino and Sophia Capello. Vince is a cocky alpha male type who is trying to prove to his father that he is good enough to take on the family construction business and Sophie is the fixer trying to put together the last remaining pieces of her family’s business. When they both go for the same job to restore Clover Park's historical library, things get interesting. Knowing she cannot carry on this project alone if she were to win the bid, Sophia proposes a deal with Vince. She is a historical architect consultant who knows how to preserve the historical look of a building and Vince has the knowledge and resources to carry out her ideas while giving them a modern flare. Being that their common goal is to save their families businesses, they realize that they either work together or watch their businesses go down in flames. The decision is one that forces them to work closely together and fully support on another. Sophia isn't sure what to make of Vince. If she should to be turned on by his advances or turned off. I think the fact he has a killer body and kisses like a rake doesn't hurt. I liked that she pushed Vince and made him just shy of uncomfortable making him realize that he needs to act differently not just for himself but also for those around him. They found in each other the support in the areas of their lives where other people have failed them. They became each other's champion. They may not have been Romeo and Juilet but they sure made one hell of a story that kept me laughing and reading on.
  • Get this Romeo!

    By Chrome Firefly
    Vince and Sophia were both fighters but they still recognize that tender center in each other. The sexual tension and banter were so much fun! Get this one!
  • Adorable, Sexy, Funny

    By RomanceKel
    I absolutely love this kind of story and Kylie Gilmore really delivered. Vince, is attracted to, but pitted against, Sophia. Not only is she the daughter of Vince’s father’s nemesis and stiffest business competition, she’s also standing in the way of Vince’s hard-earned promotion. Sexual tension and witty dialogue fly throughout the book as Kylie Gilmore takes us on an entertaining ride. Adorable, sexy, and laugh out loud funny. I highly recommend it.

    By RomanceNovelGiveaways
    I LOVED IT!!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!! I will read anything Kylie writes. Period. The contemporary romances I have read by her are all, in my opinion, perfect! Not My Romeo is no exception. The plot and interactions between Sophia and Vince had me eagerly turning the pages to see how their relationship would progress. I loved the narration and dialogue because it's so realistically funny! It's not "over-the-top-every-other-word-is-trying-to-be-funny" funny, but it's just quirky things that we as humans say and do and usually don't even realize are funny. Did I mention the love scenes are SCORCHING HOT?! Kylie did an excellent job of "catching up" on main characters of previous books as well as introducing those who will be featured in future books. I CANNOT WAIT TO READ THE NEXT CLOVER PARK BOOK!!! ***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***