The Truth About Our Universe - Stephen Webb

The Truth About Our Universe

By Stephen Webb

  • Release Date: 2014-07-01
  • Genre: Physics
Score: 3.5
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You don’t need to know anything about maths or astronomy to read this book
The title of this book is to inspire you into asking the question “is what we think we already know about our universe correct".
It covers what we believe science has told us so far, what we think we know today and also looks at some of the alternatives that may hold the way forward for new theories.

I think that science sometimes gets itself stuck in a rut, mainly because of our love of math’s which we use to back it up what we think is happening, but that does not mean that its correct.
Astronomy is mostly based on results from observations taken time and time again. It’s how we interrupt what we think is going on.
Everybody in the scientific community seems to agree about the Standard Model for the very small stuff which they say makes up our universe, that is what we teach it in all our universities.
But there is so much about the Standard Model which does not add up and science can't explain why, we have to use maths to try and find the answers. So we end up with a Model which can be backed up by math’s which uses made up forces and mathematical units which no one truly understands in order to make it work. To date there are a number of theories but none of them join everything together, some theories deal with areas like quantum physicists, the very small particles we believe exist but these don’t work on the really large objects like galaxies.
Now we have string theory, again made up from dimensions that we can’t prove exist. But if they did then we could make the math’s work. That’s a really big IF!

In this book I try to simply cover what we think we know about our universe and how we came to the idea of the standard model for the small stuff. I then put forward my own ideas and explain how I came to these conclusions. I am not a trained scientist or a mathematician nor am I saying that what I think is true; I am simply putting forward my own ideas in the hope that others will put forward theirs.