Protector in a Kilt - Kait Nolan

Protector in a Kilt

By Kait Nolan

  • Release Date: 2023-08-18
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance
Score: 4.5
From 60 Ratings


A captive who dreams of her freedom

In public, violinist Elizabeth Duncan is the toast of the entertainment world. A prodigy who's been wowing audiences with her music since she was only twelve years old. But behind closed doors, she's desperate to escape the man who's turned her passion into a prison. When the specter of violence becomes more than a threat, she sacrifices everything to run.

A hero lost without a mission

Former special forces operative Ewan McBride has done everything he's supposed to since leaving the military: Moved home. Bought a new business. Integrated into the community. But he's just going through the motions. Until he rescues a woman in trouble in the midst of a terrible storm.

A sanctuary and an unexpected new beginning

Ewan recognizes a woman on the run and can't resist the urge to help. The danger from her past is certain to come calling. The safest place for her? With him. But as they live and work together, what starts as a self-appointed protective detail becomes so much more. With her, he finds his own safe place to land. But when their fragile fresh start is threatened, he'll do anything to protect her.


  • Can they find a future together?

    By Brightndays
    Protector in a Kilt is the fourth full length book set within the Kilted Hearts series, but reads well as a stand alone. Isobel is running from her present problems when a storm hits and she needs rescuing from Ewan. He knows she’s not telling him everything and that their time together is limited, but he can’t help protecting Isobel and wanting so much more with her. As she faces her issues, can this couple find a future together? Oh my goodness, this book was absolutely fantastic! I loved Isobel and Ewan’s story and I loved how it fit into the series as a whole! There’s a lot of really good emotions described within these pages, some steamy scenes, but mostly there’s just this authentic connection that forms between Isobel and Ewan that you can’t help but cheer for. I loved Isobel. She was running from a lot, but she was also running towards what she wanted and needed. A man might not have fit into that plan initially, but dang, the support and trust, protection and love that Ewan shows her is just so good. I adored how the town rallied behind her, her situation, and wanted to protect her and build her up just as much as Ewan did. I loved the sense of urgency and drama that was present within the book, and I felt like I was practically on the edge of my seat trying to figure out what would happen next in the story. I’m a huge fan of this book, and this series, and highly recommend both!
  • Always love a kilt!

    By drblonde824
    I think this may be my favorite so far in the series! I couldn’t put it down. As always, the characters are great, the settings amazing, and the love is palpable between the main characters and among the whole town! Definitely recommend!
  • A great, fated pairing

    By Dragon's Pride
    Renowned violinist, Elizabeth Duncan (Isobel), can no longer deal with her manager’s cruelty and abuse. She makes a decision that will change her life. Evan McBride, returning from a camping trip with his friends from his time in the Royal Marines, happens upon an accident in the middle of a terrible storm. He reaches out to assist the occupant. Little does he realize that he’s stumbled over someone who will impact his life in ways he never dreamed. Fate brings the two together, but it’s up to them to figure out how to make it stick. This was a quick, fun, and entertaining read. I loved the characters. They were perfectly matched, different in many ways, but wanting the same things out of life. The writing, as always from this author, was delightful. Having such a strong cast of characters, especially those in Ewan’s extended family, offered such wonderful support for both of them. Those characters add so much warmth to the story, every one of them. I also loved Havoc, Ewan’s sweet 130 pound dog, who instantly took to Isobel and helped her through some rough moments. I loved this book, as I have all the others in this series. I look forward to Hamish’s story, which is the next one coming up in the series. I highly recommend this book and the entire Kilted Hearts series. I received an advanced reader copy of this book from the author. I thank her for her generosity, but it had no effect on this review. All opinions in this review reflect my true and honest reactions to reading this book.
  • Protector in a Kilt

    By Jen G F
    Protector in a Kilt is book 4 in the Kilted Hearts series by Kait Nolan. Up next is Ewan McBride and Isobel Donnchadh (public persona Elizabeth Duncan).4.5 stars Ewan, former military has come home, bought a business and has integrated into the community but still not sure where his life is going until he rescued Isobel in a terrible storm. He senses she’s on the run but something tells him he needs to protect her…what happens next is suspense, secrets, hiding in plain sight, abusive work relationship, freedom, making friends and more… I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy (ARC) of this book from the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
  • Ex military + damsel in distress = got to read

    By Nonahrose
    Protector in a kilt Ewan and Isobel love story This is the next installment in kilted heart series and it doesn’t disappoint. Ex military and damsel in destress makes for a great romance book. Ewan is so sweet and deeply caring and Isobel overcomes her past and finds herself. All the main characters from the other books make appearances, which is why I love series books. This is a must read, great for the poolside read.
  • Jumps right in

    By angie1229
    I loved this book! It had very little set-up, just jumped right into the story and carried me right along. I had to keep reading straight through to the end! A child prodigy makes her break from all she knows and gets caught up in “normal life”. The romance of this just hit that satisfying spot - it made me smile!
  • Runaway Story

    By qhorse5
    Elizabeth Duncan (Isobel) is a music artist that is being taken advantage of; her music and her money and she is a RUNAWAY! Not really, but she definitely has taken her future into her own hands even it is dangerous for her. Ewan McBride is getting by in his home town doing something he enjoys. They meet in a typical HEA way, something goes wrong and he comes to help her. The story continues with Isobel in a new setting. She ends up in Ewan’s care and establishes herself into his life. She learns new things and she enjoys what she is doing and where she is. Ewan is falling under her spell. She is intriguing and he loves that about her. With the help of his sister, Ewan gets Isobel settled into a steady life of working in his family bar where Isobel develops friendships in the community and becomes a part of that community. The interaction between all the characters, new and old, is wonderful. You cheer for and get angry at the characters. I always find myself immersed so much in the story that I feel like I know the characters personally. It is always sad when I finish one of Kati’s books because I just want to learn more and more. But Kait never fails and comes out with another story or another series and I’m sucked in again. I highly recommend this book. I received an ARC of this book.
  • Big, Broody & Dreamy

    By Norm256
    Loved the big broody Ewan McBride! He and Isobel are polar opposites on the surface, but they make the best couple. This is book four of Kait Nolan’s Kilted Hearts series and I hope it never ends! This series has been my favorite every book along the way and this is no different! I already need more Ewan!!!
  • My new favorite couple

    By Cheryl33610
    I am absolutely loving the Kilted Hearts series…every story/couple is wonderful and engaging! Isabel touched my heart; her back story is heartbreaking but she’s such a strong woman to get herself out of the situation she’s in. Ewan is that strong, silent protector who cares for others but keeps himself emotionally closed off to women. But there’s no separating himself when he meets Isobel, or especially after getting to know her. He’ll fight her battles and protect her from her past, even if it means she won’t be staying in his small town. I loved the chemistry between these two as well as the friendship they develop. Isobel fits right in with Ewan’s family and friends, who of course are a big part of this story as well. That’s one of the best things about not only this series but every one of Kait Nolan’s other book…the connections made through teach story and watching beloved character’s lives progress after the HEA. I can’t wait for the next book. I’ve been waiting for Hamish and Lennox since day one!