The refugees - Adrian Gabriel Dumitru

The refugees

By Adrian Gabriel Dumitru

  • Release Date: 2023-05-10
  • Genre: Spirituality
Score: 4
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If there is something i love the most in this life …. I believe it is … socializing with the people i meet on the timeline of my life. And i smile …. seeing what might even look as a total nonsense ….cause i met such a large spectrum of totally different souls. Quite soon after the war from Ukraine started …. me and my family hosted people coming from there to my country. I had the chance to meet in this way … lots of lost souls …. going to an unclear direction … having no idea about what will happen tomorrow. They were on the path of a forced change …. and it was no chance as things to become better quite soon. … or at least not in the near future. Being retired …. not having what to do anyway … spent all my time in their company. I just loved their presence. Some … connected with me from the first second …. but i also met some that found too weird that i was helping them and did not wanted to be so friendly from the beginning. In the end …. I became the friend of all of them. It was probably the first time in my life when i was investing all my time and energy trying to help the others …. and forget about my own interests. And that was something … new for me. It looked like … i was following a new path for my life … and i liked it. One of the ladies …. told me one day …. “Becoming a refugee is about change … and mainly changing our values in life. Not so long time ago … i cared a lot about what new jacket or shoes i will buy … but now after losing all the 3 houses we owned in Mariupol … and almost all my clothes and shoes … i simple smile. Today i wear clothes from the centers created for helping the refugees … but i am happy that me and my family … are alive … and together. I don’t know if i really became a better soul … but I totally changed my values of life.” For that lady …. being a refugees was a totally new experience … same as for myself helping the others was a totally new way of spending my life. Without realizing …. I started little by little to change my values …. and my life. 2 years ago if someone would tell me that i will spend my time like that … i would laugh saying that is a horrible joke … but today … i just love my new friends … the ukrainian refugees. And i love them mostly… cause in their companion i succeeded to show to the world the beautiful side of myself. And it was … so damn easy … and i wonder why i haven’t done that long time ago. Today i could have been a totally different person …. one with beautiful values … as human being. But you see … it’s never too late. So … the russian-ukrainian war was a great opportunity … for myself. Sounds weird … but it really was the right time for me and maybe many others to see life from a totally different perspective. And once the process of change started i just hoped that everything will continue for the inner self in the same style.


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  • Хуйня ебанная

    By xxx_puff
    Украина для хуесосов пидорки
  • One of the best book

    By h8isrYzA9zST
    One of the best lectures i ve read about the war from Ukraine
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    An amazing lecture. Heard about the war from Ukraine, but not really understood the impact of the lives of people from there
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    Certainly a book for the ones still interested about helping Ukraine
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    A book about the illusion of life and how all can be changed over night
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    Indeed … sometimes change happens by force. Interesting perceptions
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    Certainly a book not for the ones from Russia
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    A book about how to discover motivation in very difficult times of our lives
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    The refugees ... a story about change