Love. The pathless path that goes to your soul - Adrian Gabriel Dumitru

Love. The pathless path that goes to your soul

By Adrian Gabriel Dumitru

  • Release Date: 2023-05-07
  • Genre: Spirituality


LOVE ... the pathless path that goes to your soul. Is really love a necessity for our lives?! Why can’t life be much simple, mathematical, with very clear rules to follow?! Why we need to fall in love?! We should spend our lives only following the path the society taught us about ... finish school, get a job, make money, try to be successful, retire ... and then die. Why we need this complicated story of studying what love is about?! Well ... first all of you have a heart inside of you ... to feel the life ... and being in a love story everything becomes more “real”. Following just the paths the society told you about should be boring. This is why lots of poets and writers ... wrote so much, trying to define the meaning of love in our lives. When you are the kind of person that look at life in a logical and rational way ... falling in love looks like useless, like a pathless path. But discovering the love feelings, in a time when everything looked like boring in your life ... redefines everything. Is never a good moment to fall in love, cause you will always need to do something in the real life ... and looks like there is no time to loose for those silly feelings ... but one day ... when the feelings become so strong inside of you ... you realise that you just started to feel ALIVE. You always did what other taught you to do in life .... the parents, friends, teachers or people you know ... but no one came to you to whisper the secret of life ... IF YOU WANT TO FEEL ALIVE ... JUST LET YOUR HEART TO FALL IN LOVE. You might loose your soul, your heart, your mind ... but you will feel being alive. No other path gives you those feelings. Yesss ... truth be told ... LOVE ... is the pathless path ... but it goes to your soul.


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