One day ... one soul - Adrian Gabriel Dumitru

One day ... one soul

By Adrian Gabriel Dumitru

  • Release Date: 2023-05-10
  • Genre: Family & Relationships


Over the years i’ve been meeting lots of people ... which i the end ... i would like to call them ... souls. In fact i was dealing with thousands of them ... and i had moments when i’ve wondered myself ... why do i meet the whole spectrum of the human beings?! What is the message behind that?! What the Universe is trying to whisper to me?! But what i can say that it was funny ... was that i met people i liked, people i disliked, people that i liked and then i disliked and ... people i disliked and then i liked. The interactions were of so many different types ... that i almost started to believe that i am at school ... a school where i need to understand what the human being is. But i had to understand ... the whole spectrum of them ... no matter who they were. There were moments when i was almost forced to deal with certain prototypes of souls that i not even thought that exist. Yes ... i felt ... forced by the Universe ... to meet many of those persons ... but i knew it was a reason it was happening. I had events when I thought some people were trying to destroy me ... but at the end of those stories i had become a better and also stronger person. And i also met persons that i thought that they will somehow rebuild myself ... and ended the story with them almost ruined emotionally. But i realized one thing ... everything had a purpose ... to reveal me what life is about ... by having so many interconnections with the people from the world. Today ... same as always ... i still love socializing ... with everybody ... but i don’t judge the connections anymore. I see it as a ... life experience ... and in fact as a blessing in my evolution as a human being. I know that every human i met ... it’s just a reflection of my inner self. When i meet good people ... i need to pay attention at all those positive attributes i see ... but also keep them active as much as i can in my personality. And when ... i meet people i dislike ... i have the courage to admit that they are ... the reflection of that part of myself ... which in fact i dislike. But ... i admit that i still have moments when i believe in the illusion of life ... believe in the duality ... and that i am not wise enough. I continue to analyze and define everything i see on the timeline of my own life ... but also keep active the process of redefining myself. And i love being the witness of ... my life.