Eye/I Collisions - Margaret Morrison

Eye/I Collisions

By Margaret Morrison

  • Release Date: 2011-09-07
  • Genre: Erotica


EYE/I Collisions is an odd mixture of prose poems and short stories. About half of them are x-rated and attempt to connect writing itself and physicality and find the liminality between eroticism and porn--how they are related and where and how each oscillates back and forth across some indeterminate line. "For a long time," the writer notes, "I have known that, in a binaristically strange world I rarely really understand, I have always had a very problematic relationship with my body--in part because I have always identified both as a woman and as a man or both as a girl and as a boy. But the world still does not have a language for that kind of categorical blurring, not only in gender systems but also in other systems. This book attempts to breach the distancing I have always felt in dealing with my body or my articulations of my body through my characters."