The Mystery of Mort Potts - Margaret Morrison

The Mystery of Mort Potts

By Margaret Morrison

  • Release Date: 2011-09-07
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature


Mort Potts is a wild, queer fantasy about a crazy queer woman, Liz, who, in Washington, DC, goes in search of Mort Potts with the help of Edgar Allen Poe, even though nobody really knows who Mort Potts is. But he's related in Liz's mind to the death of the heart, her heart, because she has lost a love, a mysterious woman. Or, one could say, Mort Potts is a metaphor for loss itself of any kind. Meanwhile, in the Endnotes to the book, various people try to analyze these characters and figure out exactly what is going on in the book, but nobody can really come to any firm conclusions, and most of the speakers in this Endnotes section contradict one another. Generally, the book engages in the ridiculous or in nonsense in several registers and in several discourses.