Stirred Up by a SEAL - Kait Nolan

Stirred Up by a SEAL

By Kait Nolan

  • Release Date: 2022-08-05
  • Genre: Military Romance
Score: 4.5
From 132 Ratings


Can a SEAL without a mission and a widowed baker help each other learn to live again?

Jonah Ferguson never wanted to be anything but a Navy SEAL. But after an injury sidelines his military career, he finds himself back home in small-town Tennessee. Opening a bakery with his best friends and daring to re-imagine his life is a whole new mission, but his biggest challenge yet is sticking to the friend zone with the woman who helped give him new purpose.

Two years after losing her husband to a traumatic brain injury, baker Rachel McCleary needs a change. With the proceeds from the sale of her business, she's exploring what a new life would look like. For the short-term, it means helping one of her former students make his fledgling business thrive. And hopefully adding some benefits to the friendship that helped bring her back to life.

All Rachel wants is temporary, and that's the one thing Jonah can give her. But when the trouble that's stalked his business from the start lands her in its crosshairs--and the hospital--he can't deny that there's nothing short-term about his feelings. Determined to protect her at all costs, he enters into a dangerous race to neutralize the threat before it torpedoes everything he holds dear.


  • Can they uncover secrets and face their future?

    By Brightndays
    Stirred Up by a SEAL is the third book in the Bad Boy Bakers series. The romance stands alone, but there has been an overarching storyline that could be beneficial to read in order. Jonah and Rachel have been best friends that have helped dig each other out of darkness, so when she asks him to expand their friendship to something more, he doesn’t refuse. But they have to navigate emotions, her wanting to start her life with him, and elements of danger stalking the bakery. Can they uncover secrets and face their future? I really enjoyed reading this book! This series has been full of danger and uncertain emotions, love triumphing over evil, and this book was no exception! I was drawn in right from the very beginning (okay, honestly from the epilogue from the previous book), and needed to know what would happen next between Rachel and Jonah! Rachel had survived her first love dying, so she was such a strong individual, and I loved that knowing that life is short, she went after and fought for what she wanted! I loved that she knew Jonah so well, too. Jonah was this ultimate protector, putting everyone else’s needs above his own, and I really liked him. He made a few silly decisions here and there, but his intentions were good. I loved them together. I loved their passion, but mostly I loved their connection. It felt so authentic and real. There are quite a few secrets revealed in this book, as well as some new dangerous elements that were unexpected. I loved this book, from beginning to end, and I seriously can’t wait for more from this author!
  • Great Read

    By CassBloom
    Team Jonah all the way, I’m so happy he finally got his HEA with Rachel! The characters continue to build and the mystery behind the break-ins and attacks is finally solved… and I didn’t see it coming how it played out (no spoilers here). A great end to the trilogy with 2 more novellas to come from these Bad Boy Bakers, I for one can't wait! I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
  • Just read it!

    By wnf4521
    I have loved every Kait Nolan book I have read (for those who don’t know me, that means ALL of this author’s books). If you love books with heart, mystery, romance, intrigue, believable characters, and a town with residents you’d love to be a part of….This is it. This short series was over WAY TOO SOON for me. I loved and believed in these men. I craved happily ever after for them. And I was not disappointed. Jonah and Rachel have both been through…so many trials. They’ve learned to be each other’s rock and sanity over the last couple of years. But…the attraction is there. Both have been denying it to themselves, but sometimes life has a different plan and circumstances. And things happen. And boy do they ever. Take my word for it. Just read it. You won’t be dissatisfied, unhappy or let down. So if you are looking for a good satisfying read. Here you go!. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
  • Suspenseful and entertaining

    By Nettie1114
    I couldn’t put it down! I loved Jonah and Rachel romance story in the Stirred Up By a Seal. The story line was suspenseful, intriguing with twists and turns that kept you interested and not wanting to put the book down. Kait Nolan created with the Bad Boy Baker’s series a group of men who are protective, welcoming, and loyal. Hard to top! I enjoyed reading this book and loved reading it for pure entertainment. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
  • My favorite couple

    By Cheryl33610
    I’m disappointed that the series has ended, because this whole journey with the Bad Boy Bakers has been full of intrigue, romance and breaking gender stereotypes…and I love it! Most bakers in books are women, I think we can all agree. So to not only create a series centering around men running a bakery but making them former military was a genius move by Kait Nolan. I’m always interested when an author puts an subtle but powerful spin on their books. Jonah was the character I was waiting for, both because he is the reason the “boys” start their bakery in his home town. And, because Jonah’s injury…his TBI…is mostly “unseen” to others but still has a powerful affect on his life. Having a family member with a TBI, I understand that to others, they may look “healthy”, when they are actually dealing with problems others cannot imagine. I thank Ms. Nolan for her honest, compassionate portrayal of Jonah’s TBI, without making him a victim. I adored his connection with Rachel and was hoping since book one that she would be the match for him. They were definitely my favorite couple in the series. Gotta love those friends to lovers! The overriding suspense was played out nicely, with a surprise or two thrown in. So I’ll say goodbye, for now, to this sexy group of men…but I can’t wait to see who Kait Nolan brings to life next for us lucky readers to fall in love with.
  • Trilogy Mystery Solved

    By MaryCap1964
    The really cool thing about Kait Nolan’s books is that although each one is a perfectly crafted standalone story, there’s an even richer tapestry-effect for those of us who’ve read them all!! Not only do characters and small town communities recur in any given series - but they crossover from her other series as well!! It makes you feel like you’ve been living amongst them for years!! If you want to escape from an insane world where you don’t even know your next door neighbors names, Kait Nolan’s books will take you away in a heartbeat!! Which brings me to her final Bad Boy Baker story: Stirred Up By A SEAL. An archvillain from the Misfit Inn Series creeps into the overarching mystery that has loomed over the trilogy. While it’s gratifying to finally see Jonah and Rachel acknowledge their feelings for each other, their strength and pluck dealing with some dramatic challenges steals the show. This book is a perfect marriage of romance and suspense. Family and Community wrap their arms around this couple as they solve the mystery of their future together along with longstanding danger. This one’s a page-turner to the end. You’ll be burning the midnight oil if you don’t get an early start. Great read!!!. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
  • Stirred up by a Seal

    By Nonahrose
    Wow! Kait has delivered an amazing end to this Bad Boys trilogy.The mystery of who is after them is solved and the bad guy gets his. You'll be surprised, though, by who that turns out to be. Jonah and Rachel have had a attraction for each other for a couple years and we get to see their HEA journey unfold. She’s even includes characters from the Misfit Inn and Eden's Ridge series which for Kait Nolan fans was a fun "catch-up". The two Epilogues will leave you craving the next books! Can’t wait to read them.I just love Kait’s series books, they never disappoints. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
  • Spoiler free review

    By ricin2
    The story was suspenseful and charming. My heart was in my mouth a few times even though intellectually I knew things would be better later. Jonah and Rachel are adorable and have a great friendship. And I love the mom that Rebecca is. A must read, bringing this series to fruition and then some more. Ricin2/ Sachi. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
  • Love this story!

    By JodiLatt
    I've been waiting for this story since the beginning! A beautiful story for Jonah and Rachel . She's the teacher that taught him (and the other Bad Boy Bakers!) how to bake. They are crazy about each other but he has issues (and she has some too) but working it out is tough. A great read, beautiful, heartwarming and heart breaking that only Kait Nolan can write. A definite 5 stars! <3