Bloombay Beginnings - lilly beckett

Bloombay Beginnings

By lilly beckett

  • Release Date: 2021-07-12
  • Genre: Romance
Score: 4.5
From 777 Ratings


Welcome to Bloombay, a small island off Seattle's coast with stunning ocean views, picturesque vineyards, and a tight-knit community.

Sisters Emily, Donna, and Olivia Abernathy miss each other dearly. Residing in different cities, they only see each other a few times a year. But when Emily, the eldest sister, is forced to move to Bloombay, Donna and Olivia immediately visit her to make sure she's okay. They find themselves at crossroads in their own lives too, and the island charms them in unexpected ways.

Emily Abernathy has dedicated the past twenty years to raising her children. When her husband leaves her for a younger woman, she's forced to move out of their house. Living in LA is expensive, and at forty-five, she knows she'll have a tough time on the job market, but she's lucky to find a job at a hotel on a small island she'd never heard of before: Bloombay. Once Emily moves to the island she finds out her new job isn't as secure as she thought.

Olivia Abernathy's friends all think her boyfriend, Noah, is definitely going to propose, but she isn't so sure. As a surgeon in Seattle, he works longer hours than she does as a graphic designer, but Olivia wonders if there's more to his recent late nights out and sudden cool behavior. When she confronts him with her worries, she gets an unexpected response that makes her want to rethink everything in her life. Spending time with her sisters is just what she needs. And the handsome architect who insists on joining her on her morning runs seems to have more than friendship on his mind.

Donna Abernathy is a successful doctor in San Francisco. She works tirelessly and takes great pride in what she does. Her laid-back relationship with a lawyer who thrives on a busy schedule is just what she needs. Except Donna has always wanted to be a mother, and as time passes, that wish only grows. But when things don't work out as expected, she desperately wants a change of scenery and pays a visit to her eldest sister, Emily, in Bloombay.


  • Very fun to have

    By mark.beepath
    Going through a couple days
  • Nice to have to do

    By gladys.leal
    I’m going on my
  • Bloombay Beginning

    By Dixie471
    Great story ,love the characters ,just didn’t like the way it just cut off.
  • Cute story

    By Skiplayer1
    I loved this story and the characters. Three sisters finding a new life and new love. The characters are interesting and the story is cute.
  • Bloom bay Beginnings

    By Pins4
    Great read read it quickly. So happy to read something uplifting. Sound like a beautiful place. Thanks!
  • Bloom bay beginnings

    By Clean romancer
    Tried to read your book, but gave up. Way too descriptive. If you would eliminate a lot of the descriptions you would have an interesting story. Leave a little to the imagination. Also some of the information you fill with are not pertinent to the storyline. Maybe I’ll try to finish it. Would like to see how the characters find happiness.
  • Nice little quick read

    By 1 Banker
    I enjoyed the book right up until the end which was missing. That was quite a letdown.
  • Loved it!

    By Mary green eyes.
    Just read the first book. Loved it so much. Felt like I was right in the book!
  • Great story

    By mtr694
    Forgiveness, empathy and communication are the themes. Loved it!
  • Bloom bay Beginnings

    By Ralphnun1
    Really loved this storyline…excellent book.