Dark Psychology and Manipulation - Margaret Morrison

Dark Psychology and Manipulation

By Margaret Morrison

  • Release Date: 2022-03-28
  • Genre: Spirituality
Score: 4
From 157 Ratings


Are you fed up with the wool being pulled over your eyes?Are you prepared to stand up to those who believe they can manipulate and exploit you? Do you want to become a better version of yourself?
This book can help you!

Dark Psychology and Manipulation is a book that focuses on the manipulative and persuasive behavior of those around us who choose to use it to further their own nefarious intentions. Dark Psychology and Manipulation explains the strategies that make up dark psychology, such as persuasion, manipulation, and coercion. As you read on, I'll explain how to spot deception and manipulation, as well as how to protect yourself from becoming a victim again.

This book provides useful pointers and tools to help raise awareness and manage someone who believes they can manipulate or persuade you. It is human nature to be easily swayed when something appears to benefit us. For example, we believe that if someone compliments and draws attention to us, we will feel important and valuable. What we don't see are the hidden motivations behind such behaviors and the actions that follow. I will cover techniques for protecting yourself from dark psychology as well as how to identify the art of dark psychology within the pages of Dark Psychology and Manipulation.

How to protect yourself and othersHow to become a better version of yourselfHow to use emotional intelligence and influence to your advantageAnd so much more!
Don't let anyone fool you into thinking they care about you, have your best interests at heart, or know what's best for you. Take a stand and turn the tables on anyone attempting to harm you.

Dark Psychology and Manipulation was written as an easy-to-read guide to help those who wish to protect themselves against toxic negativity and the dark powers of manipulation, persuasion, and narcissism.

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  • Very good

    By Key El Bey
    The book was very insightful. I like how the book focused more on the characteristics and nature of the behavior and not faming around “ what if “ scenarios
  • interesting

    By alder718
    this book has a lot of information, and i definitely would recommend reading it. i intended to get information on behavior of manipulators and a deeper understanding in it, but it also gives a lot of advice.
  • Ryes

    By g got fee rdycj
  • Great read

    By Maurion H
    Very informative on how people can manipulate. You always have to watch yourself in life. I’m grateful for this book.
  • This has enlightening my life as well great job.

    By destdo_1
    My understanding of seeing things has changed and improved.
  • I have a

    By lamont-gibert
    I don’t know
  • Interesting book

    By Mmorrison135
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, it helped me gain a little more insight on people and how we operate.
  • Great book

    By plankton95
    This book has very interesting information about psychology in general. If you enjoy science you will enjoy the book.
  • Short but straightforward

    By phem422
    The book in general contains a lot of well understanding information, it’s worth taking time to read
  • Great Read

    By D. Humphries
    The author went into great detail around strategies utilized by individuals and businesses, that may not have your best interest at heart, and how to spot and avert some of their dark psychological ploys. The author also provided so much insight on how to be more emotionally in-tune and personable to perfect the ethical act of persuasion. This short review does not encompass much of what was discussed in that short but packed read!