Ryker Falls Series, Books 1-3 - Lani Blake

Ryker Falls Series, Books 1-3

By Lani Blake

  • Release Date: 2021-08-17
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance
Score: 4.5
From 633 Ratings


Three strong sexy women + three swoon-worthy men = Over 1000 pages of heat and quirky small town hilarity! Laugh out loud funny, sizzling sexy, this set of contemporary romances will deliver you all the feels.

SOMEBODY TO LOVE (Joe and Bailey)

When Joe's childhood friend, Bailey Jones, returns to Ryker Falls, his life suddenly shifts from settled to off-center. Once they'd been closer than anyone ever guessed; now, they're chilly strangers. But Joe's not letting his stubborn, sexy-as-hell ex-best friend stay closed off. He lost her once through his own stupidity; this time he's never letting her go. Joe knows he doesn't deserve a second chance, but he's never played by the rules before, so he's not starting now. Game on.

FROM THIS MOMENT (Dylan and Piper)

He'd waited sixteen years to come home, and the minute Dylan Howard stepped back into Ryker Falls, he knew it was a mistake. First, there was the smart mouthed brunette who'd taken a piece out of him for his attitude, which was the same as it had always been to be fair. Cold and emotionless. Then there were his two sisters who he didn't know, and thought he didn't want to know, but now it turns out he's suddenly filled with this familial longing. It's enough to drive a man to a drink. As an FBI profiler, he saw bad stuff daily, and dealt with it. But this emotional mind field is something he's not used to, and throw in a loud-mouthed, hot brunette, and he's pretty sure this visit will be over before it started.

LOVE ME TENDER (Jack and Rory)

Jack Trainer likes women, he just had no intention of loving one. Life taught him to guard his heart, and when Rory Haldane walks back into town he's ready to ignore her. The problem with that is he also hates injustice, and the way some people in his town are treating her has his hackles rising. He's not exactly the stuff heroes are made of, but Rory has his protective instincts on high alert. And his libido. He wants more, way more from her than a passionate fling, but will Rory drop her guard enough to trust him?

Somebody To Love
From This Moment
Love Me Tender
Only Just Begun
Hold Me Close

You're The One

We Belong Together

We Found Love


  • Ryker Falls

    By sbsbrinson
    Great read!
  • Excellent

    By ttt 41
    A great read for anyone! Lots of action!
  • Great Series

    By robertd69
    Great series with well developed characters. Loved it.
  • Great time consuming and relaxing read!

    By tag6775
    A good small town read, but very exciting!
  • Ryker Falls, 1-3

    By raeleigh000
    Great books. My hubby got a kick out my laughing at certain scenes. It’s a little rom-com, a little suspense, all well written. Super character development—main and supporting. Highly recommend.
  • Joe and Bailey

    By Nncyerrico
    OMG the story just drags on and on. It was so boring and I can’t bring myself to read the other two. Glad they were free.
  • Ryker Falls

    By Pathart612
    I enjoyed reading the 3 different books in the series. Each character were portrayed perfectly. Thank you
  • Good

    By shfxdgh2344
  • Ryker Falls

    Great stories❗️I loved all the series.Fun romances❣️
  • Shootout at the OK Corral

    By DM0402
    Had to DNF. This is like a mix of old school “dun…. Dun….DUNNN!” drama and a Lifetime made for tv movie where the girl from the city returns home to find the true meaning of Christmas. The MMC’s brother gets shot and they seem to gloss over it after the incident. The FMC almost gets stabbed and it’s “ruh roh, Shaggy.” There’s a “madman” on the loose and I have a feeling that when he gets caught, the town will all clap. Made it to the barn fire before I couldn’t continue. Seemed like a young author or simply characters written as adults but still very much immature.