Pretenders Like Us - Mary Campisi

Pretenders Like Us

By Mary Campisi

  • Release Date: 2021-11-02
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4
From 94 Ratings


Unlock the secrets in Reunion Gap

He’s not who he says he is…but neither is she…

Ethan Nance lives his life guided by analyses and spreadsheets and avoids anything resembling an emotion. He did that once and suffered the disastrous consequences of opening his heart. Ethan’s a firm believer that data collection, objectivity, and deductive reasoning are the keys to eliminating surprises and reducing disappointment.

And then he meets Vanessa Rodelle, a woman who challenges, confuses, and disturbs him in a way no woman ever has.

Vanessa Rodelle once believed in happily-ever-after, but reality taught her the hard lesson of following her heart. It’s much safer to let data and facts guide her.

And then she meets Ethan Nance, a man she can’t analyze, understand, or ignore. 
Ethan and Vanessa might not believe in destiny, but one hot steamy night together changes everything, and no spreadsheets or logic can explain or erase it. Can they learn to trust and open their hearts once again for a chance at real love? It's going to get very interesting and the residents of the small town of Reunion Gap will offer their stories, guidance, and support to help this meant-to-be couple find their happily-ever-after. The only question left is will Ethan and Vanessa take the risk and listen to their hearts?

Reunion Gap series:
Book One: Strangers Like Us
Book Two: Liars Like Us
Book Three: Lovers Like Us
Book Four: Couples Like Us
Book Five: Guilty Like Us
Book Six: Pretenders Like Us


  • Pretenders Like Us

    By rjbor
    Wow, a book that I could not put down. A definite page turner, as I read on, and the story unfolded,I was in ahhh, a very beautiful love story, so much emotions, so many turns to the story. A book I could reread. Thank you and the ending was so good.
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