Dead On Time - W.L. Knightly

Dead On Time

By W.L. Knightly

  • Release Date: 2021-01-07
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
Score: 4
From 1,612 Ratings


Professor Whit Filmore thought he'd left his life as a detective behind to focus on teaching, but after a personal realization changed his life, he discovered his heightened senses help him pick up on clues that others can't.

Together with his assistant Anna, an empath who is barely scratching the surface of her own talents, Whit travels to Aldridge, a small town in Texas, at the request of an old acquaintance in the FBI. Two girls have gone missing from opposite sides of town, and no one is cooperating. With so many obstacles, can Whit use his keen senses to find the girls in time?


  • Characters were just bad

    By küçükistiyorum3
    Plot was mid. Characters were one dimensional and borderline insufferable with cliche lines and personalities. I have time to kill at work, so I’ll elaborate. You have the token girl that everyone and their dog finds attractive. She is effortlessly intelligent and yet watered down to eye candy whenever a man other than her mentor is in the scene. Her biggest use to help further the investigation was by flirting with a character who’s personality consisted of dumb and horny. Then you have the “cool” guy who all women fawn over because he’s a guy with unrealistic fame, isn’t trying to bang everything that resembles a woman, and happens to have a hunch (that’s always right) for everything. He’s also the guy that constantly says “not all men are trash, my ex-wife was horrible to me” at any chance he gets; which happens to be around the man-hating woman that kind of has the hots for him but she wants to deny it because she has a hard time believing that all men don’t cheat. And given the side characters, who either have the personality of drywall or are just horny, maybe a mentality against men should be standard in whatever world this takes place. Anything positive about this story? The concept of a bacon bagel sandwich sounded delicious so I now know what I’ll be having for lunch. That’s what gets this book a single star.
  • Could you please give me your

    By strawberryred27330
    Very nice app to use it for
  • Good book

    By Nyree_070716
    A couple of word errors but overall it was a good book and kept me entertained.
  • great book

    By mmunakash
    read the book in 2 days
  • Dead on Time

    By rop2121
    Great book! I loved it
  • Death on Time

    By I'm stupid for trying
    Very good and interesting story. However the nasty language could have been left out. Why do wrighters think they have to include all that junk in order for it to sell? Don’t they have enough confidence in their ability to write a good clean story withot unnecessary bad words. I do admit the bad words were mild compared to a lot of other books I have started to read but didn’t finish. All the explicit sex in these books is actually boring.
  • Dead on time

    By Tinybranch
    Must read. Great from start to finish…..
  • Dumb

    By saundra 14
    Good read but it jumps back and forth to third person. And improper english. So I had to reread sentences to figure out who was talking. Should have been better proof read. Or its just a sign of the times as with texting. Punctuation and improper sentences structure create confusion.
  • Let bed this book.

    By 81LC
    Great book!
  • Awesome!

    By WoofahfromBtown
    Loved this book.