10-Minute Social Psychology - Albert Rutherford

10-Minute Social Psychology

By Albert Rutherford

  • Release Date: 2020-06-07
  • Genre: Psychology
Score: 3.5
From 381 Ratings


Would you like to instantly catch people's thoughts, emotions, motivations, and intentions through mere observation?

If yes, you've come to the right place! 

10-Minute Social Psychology is a unique book that takes a deeper look into social conflicts: what causes them, what keeps them alive, and most importantly—what you can do about them. The book presents how social awareness is built and takes you step by step through its various mindset shifts and actionable observations.

Using the best studies and lessons of social neuroscience and social psychology, this book helps you understand how others influence your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Establishing connection between raw biological and social cognition, the neuroscientific method can have a tremendous impact on our behavior. Improve your:

- decision-making;
- critical thinking and reasoning; 
- physical and mental well-being; and your
- self-understanding. 

10-Minute Social Psychology addresses social concerns such as discrimination, in- and out-group dynamics, competition vs. cooperation, and social acceptability and likability, using neuroscience and social psychology-backed data, giving guidelines and critical-thinking practices to diminish these concerns.

Learn to predict and change others' behavior, as well as your own.

- How can our understanding of social behavior be expanded upon and improved?
- How do social processes impact the human brain? 
- Which brain areas implement social behavior? Can we influence them?

Become more likable by becoming more empathetic. 

-Tame the social categorization muscle in dimensions like gender, race, or age.
- What is the cost of social stress? 
- How do we become better at cooperation and competition?
- How do we become less susceptible to social influence? 

Humans are social creatures—our health and well-being partially depends on others. 10-Minute Social Psychology helps you to understand the critical function of how we make sense of and connect with people.


  • Love it

    By Bigfrank917
    I learned a lot of things from this book
  • Wolf pack has been disproven

    By hktiredkdw
    If the opening pages reference a disproven theory i am hesitant to read the rest
  • Don’t know what I expected…

    By bondfan50
    From a free book. On the 2nd page the author quotes the debunked “Alpha Male” dominance hierarchy which famously came from only studying wolves in captivity. This comes from Schenkel’s 1947 “Expressions Studies on Wolves” and “The Wolf: Ecology and Behavior of an Endangered Species,” written in 1968, published in 1970, by Dr. L. David Mech, who has repeatedly begged publishers and distributors to pull the book. But it gets better, the author doesn’t cite the study or the book, they site ‘Wolffacts.org’. Yikes.
  • Easy read with good information!

    By Cyborg_fox21
    Quick overview of lots of concepts.
  • Good book, a little boring

    By jr1479548
    Good book if interested in psychology and the study of social influence
  • Knowledgeable

    By trappamatic
    Greater understanding of the concepts.
  • Great Knowledge

    By ZeusLeGawd
    Very informative insight on the inner workings of psychology. I understand others better. I’m more patient with finding ways to connect with others and I now see the footprints of the circles that I have already connected with.
  • Spelling mistakes

    By Oh Humility
    It was a great and informative read, although, there were quite a few grammar mistakes.
  • Review

    By jeffereeeee
    Pretty good book tbh.
  • Acceptance and self-improvement

    By yuryanhe
    This book gives good and bad examples of social psychology works individual and mutually. The end notes suggests that open mind would self control would improve social welfare by looking at things from different perspectives.