Aware Power Functioning: Spiritual Teachings on the True Nature of Reality to Help You Achieve Your Goals and Manifest Your Desires - James Goi Jr.

Aware Power Functioning: Spiritual Teachings on the True Nature of Reality to Help You Achieve Your Goals and Manifest Your Desires

By James Goi Jr.

  • Release Date: 2020-05-14
  • Genre: Physics
Score: 4.5
From 64 Ratings



If you are a fan of metaphysics, quantum physics, mind power, spirituality and spiritual growth, self-help, human potential, personal development, motivation, and the Law of Attraction, then you will love this book.

This is a hard-hitting book that shakes you to your core while showing you just exactly what that core is. It teaches you that all that really exists within reality is Aware Power Functioning. You will learn that the individual human being is Individualized Aware Power Functioning and that it exists within the overriding reality that is the Endless Sea of Aware Power Functioning.

When you understand what true reality is, and you understand your place in that reality, and you understand how to flow with the way that reality actually functions, a new way of living opens up to you. This new way of living is highly spiritual, to be sure, but as a result of attaining this increased level of spirituality, you will find that your day-to-day material life will be elevated to a whole new level of ease, happiness, usefulness, success, and abundance.

There are a few basic things for you to learn and really get, such as how consciousness is the breeding ground of all manifestation. But once you understand these easy-to-grasp concepts, you will increase your ability to be the conscious creator of your circumstances and you will become a person who can bend material reality at will. Such an ability would seem supernatural to many. But it’s not. In fact, it’s the most natural thing you could imagine. It’s how you were born to function. And it’s how you will function from this point forward once you’ve learned what this book has to teach you.


  • Amazing

    By Joshhhhhhh122222
    This is truly a masterpiece. I love his books!
  • Opens your mind to more capabilities!

    By Baxk2DaTrap
    I took sometime out and read this book within about a hour and 30 minutes dissecting each chapter! I love how it explains the mind, body, and subconscious mind and conscious mind. And your reality is whatever you already come to know it as based from the way you think and perceive your life.
  • Awesome!

    By Poetic Reflection
    Thank you for this knowledge
  • This book has the potential to change your life

    By nrjordan
    I came across this book by accident, but I say that when it isn’t true. It was placed in front of me on purpose, with divine guidance and in divine timing. I’ve been on my spiritual path and often feel scattered because of the many topics I want to learn about and the large amounts of information available on each. It can be hard to sift through it all to find what will be most beneficial to you. On my path, a lot of information had come to me as a clear sense of knowing, and this book not only confirmed what I already knew and what I was already doing, it expanded my knowledge base in providing information I did not have at all, and my gave me more details and understanding of things I already knew. Even if I read this book with zero spiritual knowledge, I would have come away from it with a clear understanding of at least the basis of existence presented in a way that is easily understood without all the “fluff” that usually comes with these types of explanations. I often find myself struggling to explain what I know within to those who do not know, and highlighted much if this book to use as a reference when I am trying to teach others these concepts. I can’t thank you enough for giving me more clarity and understanding than I had prior to reading this, and for doing your part in sharing your knowledge with the world. I’ve already begun to imagine giving you credit in a multitude of ways as I move along my path and even though I don’t know what happens in between, there will be a time when I assist in making your work well known (not that it isn’t already- I’m referring to the many who aren’t familiar yet- but they will be). I am excited to read your other books, but only one a day as I want to read each in full, as you suggested. Thank you!
  • would recommend!

    By goofy_goober240
    such a great, inspirational book! i’m just starting my spiritual journey and this book confirmed a lot as i was connecting to numerous different points throughout the book!
  • Great stuff

    By westiguy617
    I started reading into this simply out of boredom. At first the concepts were a bit confusing but after sitting back and analyzing it started to make much more sense. Well worth the read
  • Awesome

    By o$hunkem!
    Great read love and light I appreciate u n your rock