Cocktails with God Drink Recipe Book - David Triemert

Cocktails with God Drink Recipe Book

By David Triemert

  • Release Date: 2018-02-25
  • Genre: Beverages


While there might be some people who don’t care to talk about politics or religion, there’s a whole other group of folks who are mixing alcoholic drinks found in this book and are laughing at the absurdity of both topics—while having the time of their lives! Which group would you rather be hanging out with right now?

If you are one of those who would like to join in on all the fun and excitement, then download this ebook while its free-free-free and try some of these new, inventive, alcoholic drinks, based on religious and big-government themes. Inside you’ll find thirty-two ingenious drink names with hilarious descriptions to engage your senses. They are bound to lead to some great laughs and serious conversations with friends. So, go ahead, get the party started!

When author David Triemert wrote his first bar-room novel, Cocktails with God in the Afterlife, he never dreamed there would be so much feedback about the book and the many religious-themed drink recipes it included. Naturally, when writing his second novel, Cocktails with God in the Heart of the Beast, the story couldn’t be told without incorporating ten big-government themed drink recipes. Not a chance!

Cocktails with God Drink Recipe Book is a compilation of all the drink recipes found in the first two bar-room novels. No more leafing through the back of those books to find the recipe you’re searching for. This is just a lean little drink recipe book to hang onto, whether you ever read the novels or not!

So, mix yourself a drink, and don’t be afraid to try out the appetizers found inside—they’re delicious! Then be sure to check out the Cocktails with God website. Soon we’ll be adding sixteen new, “legal-themed” drink recipes from the forthcoming novel, Cocktails with God in the Land of 10,000 Lies. Here you’ll find an entirely different class of drinks that include such names as Life Sentence, Plea Bargain, Death Row Pardon, and Get Out of Jail “Free” Card.

Enjoy, drink fearlessly (ha-ha), and be safe!