The Christmas Compromise - Susan Hatler

The Christmas Compromise

By Susan Hatler

  • Release Date: 2018-12-18
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 822 Ratings


Morgan Reed is excited to open her beauty salon, but her goal gets complicated when she discovers her rented space is already occupied by hot furniture maker, Dallas Parker.

Morgan Reed is excited to return to her hometown of Christmas Mountain, Montana, and open her beauty salon, but when she arrives to her rented business space she’s shocked to find it already occupied by Dallas Parker—her brother’s best friend, the guy she had a childhood crush on, and the one her mom blames for their family’s greatest tragedy.

With their landlord out of the country and unreachable, Morgan and Dallas must open their businesses together. But, no worries, all small towns need a combo furniture store/beauty salon, right? Ugh. As they work together, Morgan tries to keep her emotional distance but time and off-the-charts chemistry soon turn a childhood friendship into a blossoming romance.

Unfortunately, just when their relationship develops into something deeper, an unexpected crisis re-opens her family’s old wounds and the blame is on Dallas once again. Will Morgan’s sadness and fear pull them apart, or make her realize Dallas has always been her heart’s true safe harbor?


  • The Christmas Compromise

    By mec1950
    Even though some of the themes are fairly serious I loved the thought processes of the characters. Lots of fun too
  • The Christmas Compromise

    By Tiggy/Cookie
    First time reading this author. This was a sweet, squeaky clean book more suitable for teens I think. While I am not a fan of descriptive sex in many of today’s books, this one would not be the kind I would choose either.
  • You have

    By w got
    The first time you have a chance at the game you will have a good time playing with the other people
  • Good morning to

    By Sacr6466
    Do you want to go back with the stuff for me or do you want me to do that or if I need it or not or if you
  • The only way

    By bravo Devol
    The only thing I can think of is that the first time I tried it I had a lot more to say and it didn’t really make sense because it wasn’t a lot more
  • A great book to listen to.

    By Sylviareviews
    The Christmas Compromise Audiobook By Susan Hatler Narrated by Andrea Kummer Romance Series Book 3 of 7: Home to Christmas Mountain Audiobook Review By Sylvia Jacobs The audiobook starts off with someone named Morgan coming home to their hometown in Montana called Christmas Mountain.She is coming home to her parents home with a career change. Will the mom be upset over her daughter's career change? The daughter is now 26 years old and she should be allowed to make her own decisions as she is a grown-up now. Morgan was working in a beauty salon in Miami Florida for two years. She kept that a secret from her mom. Will she finally tell her mom the truth? Will she be running her own beauty salon in Montana now, and leave behind the salon in Florida that she was working at? Will there be a problem with renting the salon in Montana? A positive thing about the audiobook is firstly, the narrator is excellent. The storyline is very interesting and there is much going on. A negative about the book was hearing that the parents lost one daughter named Grace as she passed away. This caused the other daughter to try to be twice the daughter. One will rate this book 5 out of 5 stars for the storyline. It is a page turner and as an audiobook you will want to listen to it quickly to hear the ending. It is recommended to all those that could have grown up with domineering parents or perhaps as this story goes, one domineering parent. If you want to listen to a book that holds your interest, this book is it.
  • The Christmas Promise

    By Madame Reads A Lot
    I enjoyed this story very much. The female character,Morgan, was witty. I liked the way she and Dallas interacted with each other, funny and serious at times. I would recommend this book to others.
  • Fantastic read!!!

    By Mamawithblessings
    I love this book so much I didn’t want to put it down!! I love the character development and the romance in purest form. We need more clean romances like this one!
  • Nice

    By Montanafilly73
    Sweet story of Morgan & Dallas. Good characters and easy flow with a believable storyline. I enjoyed this book alot.
  • Redemption and Being Yourself

    By carolinawp
    Sweet story about acknowledging your tru calling and the courage to pursue. Dallas and organ present opposite life experiences growing up - privileged versus poverty. Yet, they each perceived the loss of love and support from their family. It takes a wise teacher to see that there are always many sides to every response of loss and sometimes sharing the truth leads to reconciliation and happiness.